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Growing opportunities …

The Horticulture Industry Scheme CIC – THIS – is a not-for-profit social enterprise.  We are based in Thetford and work with ex-offenders and those at risk of offending.  There are two sides to our business:-

First, THIS provides grounds and garden maintenance services in the area local to Thetford, mostly for local businesses but also for private homes.  We undertake all types of maintenance work and have done a lot of work on a local Historic England site.

Second, THIS carefully grows high quality salad leaves, interesting seasonal vegetables and delicate edible flowers to supply local high-end restaurants, whose chefs and customers appreciate the freshness and mouth watering flavours we have to offer.

Our workforce is made up of local ex-offenders and people considered to be at risk of offending.  THIS is dedicated to giving them valuable training and employment opportunities.  We offer support to our participants in all the areas that could affect their ability to maintain a job, referring to other organisations if needed. This might include:-

  • Housing advice
  • Training
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Substance misuse
  • Financial difficulties and family relationships

THIS aims to improve each individual’s chances of finding work by providing opportunities to contribute to their local community and demonstrate to the workforce, their families and society that past mistakes do not have to seal their futures.  Our vision is that ex-offenders will find a place they can contribute and feel safe in society.


Why gardening?

Horticulture has long been associated with personal growth and well being. It is our belief that growth is a steady process that takes dedication: the satisfaction of sowing, nurturing and harvesting produce which then tastes spectacular is immeasurable.  There is also the reward of growing something wholesome and natural that other people want to buy.


“Thanks to the opportunity I have received, I am aware that I am able to return to work”

“I have enjoyed everything about THIS. I was in a dark place, but working with THIS has brought me out of my shell and motivated me. I enjoy working and it’s nice to feel part of a team”



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