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We have been funded by the National Lottery’s Awards for All, the Peter Sowerby Foundation and Hopestead to help people who are struggling to manage their gardens because of, for example, health difficulties (mental and physical), disabilities and people with additional learning needs.

A team of THIS workers will come in to the garden for a day and give it a really good tidy. If you know anyone who would benefit from this service, please get in touch.

You will need to be within a 40 minute drive of Thetford. We really look forward to hearing from you.

I would like to start by saying what a fantastic service to offer people in my situation. I am a disabled pensioner and am unable to get out and do anything in the garden for myself. It is so frustrating and depressing looking out of my windows and seeing the garden just deteriorating day by day. My friend Heath put me on to Tim and his gang. I couldn’t believe it when she first suggested it to me.

As promised, the team turned up on the morning of the 12th of November, bright and early. I had ordered a skip myself because I knew there was a lot of stuff in the garden that needed to be thrown out. Some of which had been there for many years.

They split up into groups to get things going. The person I have used before to cut my lawn, hadn’t been able to do it for the last few months, so that needed doing as well. They just got on with it. Filling my skip was absolutely brilliant. Got rid of all the rubbish and junk that had been there for years. They did the lawn, borders, edging etc, all the way around the house. It has really cheered me up in these strange, depressing times we are going through.
The team were all very polite and hard working.

I would certainly give them 10 out of 10. And couldn’t have done a better job.

My sincere thanks to all. And feel free to use my name on this.

Lovely man whose garden we tidied

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Eventually we plan to be self sustaining as a realistic business model.  It is our belief social enterprises will be a big part of the business landscape in the years to come.  We can compete with established business models and add a significant element of benefit to communities and excluded groups.

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Your assistance helps THIS to work with a greater number of former offenders. We are hugely grateful to all our supporters.

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